I thanked God for sending me these two angels

When I first met Chris and Elizabeth Bauernshub, I thought they were a nice couple about whom I knew very little. By the time my house was sold, I thanked God for sending me these two angels.  When we made the decision to sell our home and move to a retirement home, my husband was sick and would become sicker and pass away before the house was sold.  Chris took over the myriad of issues that surfaced as updating the house began. He brought in buyers even as the work was ongoing. He personally made sure that my cluttered basement and garage were empty and clean. He came to me when papers needed to be signed. His calm manner and positive attitude throughout this process kept me calm while assuring me that my house was in good hands.  He and Elizabeth sold my house to my and my children’s satisfaction. One would be fortunate to have them serve you whether they are buying or selling your house.